We’re no jack of all trades, but we come pretty close when you need guidance, strategic direction and tactical execution. LGK offers three categories of marketing communications services. What can LGK do for you? Feel free to drop us a line.


Want to know how you’re doing? Have a problem you need help with? LGK’s discovery services are designed to provide an objective analysis and review to help you do what you do better.

• Discovery Solutions

• Communications Audit

• Brand Awareness Audit

• Identity and Naming

• Creative Concepts

• Key Messages


Everyone has to start from somewhere and even the great and all-powerful Oz would concede if you don’t know where you’re going, all roads will lead you there. There are no yellow brick roads or one size fits all solutions in marketing. Whether or not you’re starting from scratch or mid-stream, the “think through – follow through” process is a critical component of your success. At LGK’s very core, we’re a team of strategic thinkers.

• Strategic Solutions

• Marketing Plans

• Communications Plans

• Crisis Communications Plans

• Media Plans

• Content Marketing Plans

• Public Relations/Publicity/Community Relations Plans

• Corporate Reputation Plans

• Underwriting/Cause Marketing Plans


Jason had the Argonauts and now you have LGK to execute every facet and detail of your marketing communications program. And we can do it faster and better because of our team of marketing professionals with experience on both the client and agency sides of business.

Tactical Solutions

• Copy/Content/Corporate/PR and Promotional Writing

• Database Management

• Email Marketing

• Marketing Collateral

• Media Buys and Scheduling

• Multimedia

• Online-Offline Creative

• Print

• Project Management

• Social Media

• Video

• Websites